Interview with Steve Broomhead


Q. What are your general musical tastes and influences?

The first single I ever bought was "Another Day" by Paul McCartney, first album was Electric Warrior by T.Rex. I still think they're both great! In the 70s I bought albums by all the major prog bands, and went to see as many as I could (including BJH!) but the album that really made me sit up was Selling England By The Pound - Genesis. I still think this is an incredible album, and it probably influenced my musical thinking to this day.

Q. Who are your guitar heroes, if there are any?

Not so much heroes, but great guitar players for me are Jimi Hendrix, not just for all the feedback and amazing noises, but the quieter stuff too which is very clever, he knew some great chords! "All Along The Watchtower" is one of the greatest records ever. I also like David Gilmour and Brian May because they are both so melodic. I did have have a mad Robert Fripp phases a long time ago, and I guess all of these things influence you in some way.

Q. Which guitarists (bands), if any, would you go out of your way to go and see these days?

Not many... I recently went to see peter gabriel, what an amazing show... The only other I can think of right now would be Kate Bush... and probably Pink Floyd.

Q. What is your fondest memory with Maestoso?

It was all great... but I particularly enjoyed touring... and the wine tasting!

Q. What was Woolly like to work with?

Very easy really, he's always open to suggestions and I remember we used try out bizarre setups with tape loops all over the studio for guitar sounds (eventually used on "All Get Burned"), but he definitely knows what he wants and how the finished song should sound.

Q. Did you have a favourite song with Maestoso?

Probably "Patriots". It just has a great feel to it... and atmosphere.

Q. What is it that makes you interested in working with Woolly again after all this time (apart from the lure of earning stupendous amounts of cash!)?

Ha! I've wanted to get back in touch with him for many years, and it was your website that made it happen. A friend of mine saw the piece about Woolly being in hospital and told me, I checked it out and got in touch with the hospital and spoke to Woolly! So thanks...

Q. What level of input did you have in the creative process with Maestoso? - And is your name likely to appear on the songwriting credits of Codacil?

All the songs for the Maestoso album were demoed pretty thoroughly by woolly, so most of the parts were already there in some form. I think this time there will be more input from the whole band (unlike Maestoso there will be rehearsals before we go into the studio!). As for songwriting, I have a few ideas that I'll be playing to Woolly.

Q. Can we expect your sound on Codacil to be reminiscent of Maestoso or different?

I guess it'll still sound like me, but I hope I've moved on (in an improved kinda way) a little bit in the last 20 years!

Q. Where will you record Woolly's album? Who will produce/engineer it?

I hope we record it at a studio called The Chapel in Lincolnshire. I've worked there several times and I love it. It's resedential and miles from anywhere (apart from a pub 100yds up the lane). I'd like to have a hand in the production, but at this stage I don't really know.

Q. What equipment do you use (guitars, effects, amps)?

Galleon-Kruger amp & speakers.. boss pedals, nothing very fancy really.. pedals are, chorus, distortion, delay and flanger. Simple.

Q. Do you still wear red trousers?!

Not really! But I do have some covered in stars ...

Q. Have you had your hair cut?!!!

Since 1982? Yes... but it's currently back to very long (as in red trouser pic), but that may change soon.

[Interview © August 2003, from questions supplied by members of the bjh mailing list]

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