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Woolly Wolstenholme and Maestoso Archive

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Maestoso live in Wien, 11th February, 1982 by jlbjh


"Deceivers All" filmed live at the Mean Fiddler, 12th May, 2004:

Interview with Woolly conducted by Mark Powell on behalf of Cherry Red Records:

Cherry Red web site

Guest appearance by Woolly on Paul Fryer's "Meadow In The Summer":

(Recorded in 2004 and included on the Shawn Lee album Sing A Song. It was written and performed by Paul Fryer with most of the instruments played by Shawn Lee, and piano by Woolly. It was recorded at Miloco, The Garden Studios, London. and engineered by Finn Eisles.)

Music from Woolly Wolstenholme and Mæstoso albums can be heard at Woolly's MySpace site:

Link to Maestoso MySpace page

Woolly's Blogs


Click on the images below to download Adobe Acrobat versions of Woolly's UK tour poster and flyer:

2004 Maestoso Tour Poster 2004 Maestoso Tour Poster


Woolly gets grilled - questions from BJH forum members.

Many thanks to guitarist Steve Broomhead for taking the time to answer questions from the members of the BJH mailing list in his first interview since teaming up again with Woolly, talking about the forthcoming album, red trousers and haircuts ... Full interview

Kim Turner comes clean about appearing on Coronation Street and working with Guitar George (who knows all the chords) ... Full interview

The Progressive Soundscapes site has an interview with Woolly by Tina Smith which was broadcast live on September 25th, 2004. Download or streaming mp3 versions are available in the Interview Archive at

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