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Woolly Wolstenholme and Mæstoso - Uneasy Listening

Uneasy Listening album cover

2CD: Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 22124, 27th April, 2009

Disc 1:
Sail Away; Patriots; Maestoso; American Excess; A Prospect Of Whitby; Lives On The Line; Deceivers All (original mix); Too Much, Too Loud, Too Late; All Get Burned; Has To Be A Reason; The Will To Fly; The Sunday Bells; Open; Why Remain; Bootham Park Elegy; Blood And Bones

Disc 2:
Souk; One Drop In A Dry World; A Waiting Game; Carpet; 2 a.m.; Birds; Through A Storm; A Lark; The Iceman Cometh; Hebden Bridge; Loot; Harp And Carp; Faith, Hope And Charity (previously unreleased); Matilda Yarrow; Soldier Of Fortune; The Angelus (previously unreleased version)


Designed by Woolly.

Faith, Hope And Charity


Have you seen Faith?
She left me long ago
And with her went my principles
The things I held invincible
That's all you need to know

She is a fake
Not everyone can see
Faith hiding there behind a tree
Her garden is Gethsemane

Don't mention Hope
Pandora's last resort
All dewy-eyed and promising
Everything that she might bring

She's really not that sort

'cause she's like a boat
With every ebb and flow
Just when the weather's set and fine,
She's holed below the waterline

On Charity's arm
I walked upon this earth
And thinking she would comfort be
As all the world's adversity
Came screaming to my berth

But heed my alarm
Don't make the same mistake
When I thought I was home and free
She pulled the rug from under me

When I thought I was home and free
She pulled the rug from under me

Stuart J. Wolstenholme
© 2010

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